Movement, Space, Time, Light

Weekend intensive: 9 & 10 January 2021

The secret to powerful choreographic screen work is the meaningful dialogue between body and lens. Focusing on the visual aspect of filmmaking, Isabel will share her honed creative methodologies – from works such as Horizon of Exile and Body of War – by guiding you through the six key elements that ground this dialogue: movement, space, time, distance, composition and light.

LEVEL: early professional, intermediate

TIMES: we will meet each day 10 - 6 pm UKT (with one hour for lunch/ dinner)

CLASS SIZE: 10-12 participants in 5 groups (max)


WORKSHOP FEE: 230 €// 210 GBP// 270 USD (per person)

TO BOOK: go to Registration 

For early bird 10% discount for January 2021 dates register by 24 December.


This two day 14 hour class will be held live online via the Zoom platform. Participants will attend in collaborative groups of two (performer/ filmmaker) or three (choreographer/ performer/ filmmaker); each group to be physically gathered in one location.

The week-end intensive will consist of lectures, demonstrations, individual and group exercises, action and lens studies, shoot experiments, technical and aesthetic discussions, and critiques of assignments. We will cover foundations of: creating meaningful action, state and intentionality, the dramatic trajectory; rhythm and change; techniques of observation and directing methods; filmic time and space: the three dimensionality of the moving body; the sequence shot versus the edit (basic rules of shooting for editing); the moving camera and the moving body; the power of stillness; building affective images – atmosphere, mood, register; first principles of light and lighting; basics of camera sensitivity and exposure. Using improvisation you will create short movement sequences that you will then study, experiment on and transpose into mise-en-scènes with and for the camera, sharpening your vision and sophisticating your craft to express your idea clearly and compellingly.  

You will leave this workshop with creative, technical and aesthetic skills and strategies indispensable for reinforcing, nourishing and developing an insightful choreographic film/ screendance practice.

Isabel Rocamora is the recipient of multiple screen dance awards and accolades including: best film IMZ Dance Screen, Dance Camera West Media Honors Los Angeles, San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Il Coreografo Elettronico Naples, IDN dance for camera Festival, Jumping Frames Hong Kong. She has been commissioned to make choreographic films by Channel 4 UK, Arte TV Germany/ France and TV3 Catalonia. Her film Horizon of Exile was released in the prestigious British Council/ South East Dance Forward Motion DVD Collection (2009). Isabel has taught screen choreography practices widely, including at the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal, Centre Contemporain Chorégraphique de Québec, and as leader of the Forward Motion program in Barcelona, Naples and five countries in the Middle East. See biog.

This course is for movement artists, choreographers, performers and film & video makers working in any creative register at any stage of their career.

Required materials: 1. iphone, DSLR camera (or similar device) 2. a computer with editing software. A list of easily-accessible additional materials will be provided at least one week prior to the start of the course.

Registration in collaborative groups of 2 or 3 participants.

Above images: film still and shoot documentation of Horizon of Exile (the latter featuring Nic Knowland, DoP); Isabel Rocamora choreographing Insomnia for Channel 4 UK; shoot of Body of War (with steadicam operator Simon Croft). Latter two stills by Mari Luz Vidal.

Keep an eye out for CHOREOGRAPHING WITH THE LENS II, to be announced on this site shortly.

This workshop is also delivered in Spanish, see CUERPO, COREOGRAFÍA, LENTE I.

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