"Isabel's mentoring was meticulous, sensitive, and always challenging. Her method is truly unique as she focused on my true potential as an individual artist. Her classes gave me intellectual and spiritual tools that I definitely use every day in my path as a film director" Gerónimo Sarmiento, filmmaker and photographer, Belgium

"Isabel has mentored me in the development and writing of several film projects and applications. What I love and value about our sessions is that they are thorough as well as transformative, and take me and my work to another level. I feel like Isabel sees everything! She listens with extreme care and guides with clarity, knowledge and generosity. She creates a safe and focused space for me to arrive at my own creative and collaborative decisions. My work has since achieved award-winning status, including a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award for Drama, and a successful application to the BBC New Directors Scheme which now sees me directing continuing drama for Television. I am deeply grateful for everything Isabel has taught me and I continue to see the impact of her teachings in the creative work that I have done since our sessions" Robin Haig, film writer/ director, Scotland

"In 2012 I participated in 'Choreographing with the Lens' at Hangar (Barcelona). I discovered the vision of a creator, Isabel, who immerses the spectator in the art of shaping corporeal gestualities and sensibilities, opening up human universes and realities of both touching beauty and crucial political transcendence. During the course, Isabel shared her directing techniques with passion, profoundly inspiring us in our own trajectories. In the years that have followed, Isabel has accompanied me in the development of my cinematic work. Her thoughts and advice have contributed in strengthening my path and maturing my body of work. Her human warmth, attention and listening remain for me a daily reminder of my own goals for future projects" Iván Castiñeiras, cinematographer and documentary filmmaker, Madrid


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